New York Egg Cream

This legendary drink called egg cream, (does not have any eggs.)
Use whole milk for a really creamy taste.
Sprinkle with cocoa powder over the top to serve.

3-4 tsp of good quality chocolate syrup
4floz( ½ cup) chilled milk (almond ,hemp, cashew)
6floz (1/4 cup) chilled sparkling mineral water or club soda

1.Carefully pour the chocolate syrup into the bottom of a tall glass avoiding dripping on the sides of the glass.
2. Pour the chilled milk into the glass onto the chocolate syrup.
3. Gradually pour the chilled sparkling mineral water into a glass.
4. Remove any foam that rises to the top of the glass and carefully continue to add the remaining chilled sparkling mineral water.
5. Stir well and serve

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